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Understanding and Managing Tooth Sensitivity With Braces | Best Orthodontist 91737

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Sensitive teeth can arise from various factors, such as receding gums, tooth decay, exposed tooth roots, and thinning enamel. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, including braces, face an increased risk of developing tooth sensitivity. Our expert dental team recognizes the importance of addressing this issue comprehensively to ensure the well-being of our patients. By implementing personalized treatment plans and providing guidance on proper oral care practices, we strive to minimize discomfort and enhance the overall oral health of individuals experiencing tooth sensitivity during orthodontic treatment.

Factors Contributing to Tooth Sensitivity:

  1. Orthodontic Treatment and Sensitivity

Patients with braces, approximately 1 in 8, may experience heightened tooth sensitivity. It’s crucial to understand that this sensitivity is temporary, often lasting a few days after orthodontic adjustments. Our office emphasizes the importance of considering all factors to determine the most appropriate actions for managing sensitivity during orthodontic treatment.

  1. Causes of Sensitivity

Over-brushing, a common cause of sensitivity, can lead to gum line recession, exposing sensitive root areas. Proper brushing techniques, such as using a soft brush in an up-and-down motion, are essential for maintaining gum health. Additionally, inadequate dental hygiene with braces can result in plaque buildup, weakening teeth, and increasing the risk of sensitivity.

Steps to Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity:

  1. Optimal Dental Routine

A good dental routine is crucial for managing sensitivity. Our office advises brushing with a soft brush in an up-and-down motion to reduce the risk of sensitive teeth. Patients with braces must pay extra attention to proper dental hygiene to prevent food trapping and bacteria buildup.

  1. Specialized Toothpaste

Specialized over-the-counter toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth has the potential to offer effective relief and enhance oral comfort. If special toothpaste doesn’t alleviate sensitivity, our dentist can offer additional treatments tailored to your specific needs. Seeking professional advice ensures a personalized approach to managing sensitivity.

  1. Expert Guidance

Our dental team provides guidance on the correct tools and methods for brushing and caring for teeth with braces. If sensitivity persists beyond a few days or becomes severe, our office is ready to provide additional advice and schedule an appointment for a thorough examination.

For individuals navigating the challenges of braces and tooth sensitivity, proactive steps can make a significant difference. Our dedicated dental team is committed to providing expert guidance and personalized solutions to ensure optimal oral health during orthodontic treatment. To learn more about managing braces or addressing sensitivity, contact our office for helpful tips and professional assistance.

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Orthodontist in Rancho Cucamonga

I absolutely love sweet tooth! Both of my boys have been coming here for a few years now. Every time we come it’s always an amazing experience. Dr Brown is the best. She always makes sure to listen to any concerns or questions that I have and takes her time to fully explain everything to me. Would definitely recommend Sweet Tooth for your family!

-Amanda A

It’s hard to make going to the dentist memorable, but they can here… From Dr Brown to all the staff and office staff, they are incredible. Our kids ask specifically to go to the dentist because they like it there so much. Could not possibly recommend them more to anyone with kids!!

-Ken F.

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