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The 4 Best Methods for Making Oral Hygiene Fun | Kids Dentist Rancho Cucamonga

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Raising small children requires a great deal of teaching—from putting on shoes to taking a bath to buckling their seat belts, parenting is about teaching your children how to take care of their bodies. Learning to brush their teeth can and should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our children’s dental team understands the importance of teaching children positive associations with oral health. Getting your child started on their oral health journey begins with teaching them proper oral hygiene habits, but we are here to offer some helpful tips and tricks.

How soon should I start taking care of my child’s teeth?

As soon as your child’s first tooth emerges from the gums, they should begin their oral care regimen. To care for your child’s first tooth, simply wipe away any remaining breast or bottle milk with soft gauze and warm water.Taking care of tiny teeth requires you to do this after each feeding. 

The following tips will help you make oral health a fun part of your child’s daily routine.

1. Brush with a buddy.

Your child will be much more motivated to floss and brush their teeth if it’s a family activity. Have your child brush their teeth with you, or get siblings to do it together if they have siblings. As a result, your child will subconsciously accept oral hygiene as a normal part of daily life.

2. Choose the right supplies.

Allow your child to choose his or her own toothbrush. This will give them a sense of ownership over their oral care routine.

3. Reward positive behavior.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of incentive. You may find it helpful to implement a simple reward system to encourage your child to floss and brush on their own. As an example, your child could keep track of their brushing on a calendar and trade it in for a small gift or prize after a month of brushing twice daily.

4. Educate to Empower

Your child should understand the importance of practicing healthy oral hygiene. Take advantage of this opportunity to teach them about the dangers associated with poor oral hygiene.

Several strategies can be used to make brushing a fun part of your child’s day rather than a chore. Don’t be afraid to come up with some additional techniques that will work better for your child.

A regular, professional dental cleaning is an important part of any good oral hygiene routine, so call our dental team today to schedule your child’s next appointment.

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I absolutely love sweet tooth! Both of my boys have been coming here for a few years now. Every time we come it’s always an amazing experience. Dr Brown is the best. She always makes sure to listen to any concerns or questions that I have and takes her time to fully explain everything to me. Would definitely recommend Sweet Tooth for your family!

-Amanda A

It’s hard to make going to the dentist memorable, but they can here… From Dr Brown to all the staff and office staff, they are incredible. Our kids ask specifically to go to the dentist because they like it there so much. Could not possibly recommend them more to anyone with kids!!

-Ken F.

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